My pieces are resolutely contemporary, streamlined or inspired by the first moderns. But the joinery used is ancestral, such as hand cut dovetails. If during centuries, cabinet-makers tried desperately to hide it, I think, In the era of mass-produced furniture, from which it is absent,

traditional joinery should show itself proudly. Claim its traditional and hand crafted origins,

its quality, durability and imprint itself in contemporary forms to create a new tradition of quality.

During a project, and according to their preference, I design my pieces alone or in close collaboration with my clients. We create together a panorama of their tastes which will guide my hand during the drawing phase.

By empowering my clients during the design process, I can better answer their needs and desires.

Each step of the crafting process is then documented to show them the birth of the piece and better understand the work hidden into it, and appreciate the result even more.



The woods I use are locally sourced,

and from renewable forestry practises, or from recycling. Primary forests and the trees that populate them, are in my mind sacred.

After a 25 year long stay in Eastern Canada, which had a deep imprint on me, I also produce pieces influenced by the

Shaker, Arts &-Crafts, American Studio Craft styles, but also Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern

and a few more.